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manifesto internacional contra o REACTOR nuclear EPR

manifesto internacional contra o REACTOR nuclear EPR

O GAIA assinou o manifesto internacional contra o REACTOR nuclear EPR e pelas Energias Alternativas

Mais de 1000 organizações em 46 países, personalidades, grupos locais e muitos indivíduos assinaram o apelo.

Quem ainda não assinou, pode-o fazer em:

assim como reenviar a informação e o apelo para todos os contactos (associações, grupos, sindicatos, partidos, assim como personalidades: cientistas, artistas, políticos e indivíduos) é na verdade essencial alargar ainda mais a lista de signatários.

GAIA - Grupo de Acção e Intervenção Ambiental de Portugal
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Remarque : for a nuclear free future

As we did it, please, sign the international Call below against the french
nuclear reactor EPR.

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Have a look of the signatories in 37 countries at :

International Call to NGOs, groups, trade unions, political parties and
personalities (scientists, artists, politicians...) and individuals.

No to nuclear reactor EPR, Yes to energy alternatives

Despite a huge nuclear overcapacity and even though it is becoming urgent to
develop a new energy consumption management and invest in renewable energy,
the French Government has asked EDF to build a new nuclear reactor, EPR
(European Pressurized Reactor), in Flamanville (Manche/ Normandy). The
French nuclear energy lobby is trying to brush aside any type of alternative
by presenting the public with a fait accompli and by imposing the
substitution of existing capacities for EPRs (European Pressurized Reactor)
in the future.

However, it is obvious that choosing EPR is a wrong decision from all
aspects :

- Energy : France doesn¹t need a big centralized electrical production
capacity for the next decades. Nuclear energy represents only 15% of French
final energy consumption and 3% of the world¹s. It is not a solution to
reverse climate change either.
- Economy : this extremely expensive project (billions of euros) will delay
the necessary redeployment of the French industry without addressing its
- Social aspects : the increasing demand for renewable energy will help
create many more jobs (up to 5 times more) and will be more adapted to the
future than nuclear energy. For the same investment, a wind power program
would lead to twice the amount of electricity production, for instance.
- Environment : EPR is not providing any response to the safety, security
and waste management problems which will burden future generations.

Because we refuse the perpetuation of nuclear threat on the planet ;
Because we deny the French nuclear lobby the right to impose a new reactor
on us (French people and the rest of the world) ;
Because we reject the confusion between state service to the public
(³service public d¹état²) and lobbying ;
Because we know this useless investment will end up as a burden on consumers
and future generations in France and elsewhere;
Because we want a future made of clean and renewable energies ;

Together, let¹s say NO to the EPR !

We sign the Call against the nuclear reactor EPR and we join for the
Cherbourg anti-EPR rally of April 15th - 16th, 2006 . This rally will also
be an opportunity to commemorate the Chernobyl 20th anniversary together.

NGOs, groups, personalities, trade unions, political parties, individuals
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