Thursday, June 28, 2007


As florestas, habitats sagrados e ancestrais continuam, por todo o mundo sem excepção, vulneráveis face às investidas da ganância humana.

Interrogo-me se aqueles que procuram avidamente cortar as florestas de forma tão massiva, ou sobretudo os que mandam cortar, se detiveram por breves minutos que fosse “sentindo” a essência de uma floresta. Não é algo propriamente dizível ... descritível ... mas posso sem qualquer sombra de dúvida afirmar que é mesmo algo de único, transcendente talvez ... creio que depois de tal experiência é praticamente impossível olhar para um floresta como um mero aglomrado de madeira pronta a cortar ... infelizmente continuam a ser mais os que olham para o verde das notas de euro e dólar do que para o verde primordial da Natureza ... e somos nós que escolhemos em larga medida o que queremos ver ...

um apelo vindo da Finlândia ...

The destruction of Saami forests in Finnish Lapland started again

The long lasting forestry conflict in Finnish Lappland is again in a very

urgent state. The Finnish state owned company, Metsähallitus,

has started large scale logging operations in the home area of


Saami people on the 14th of May, 2007.

These logging have been critisized for the following reasons:

-there is no solution yet for the land ownership conflict between

indigenous Saami

people and the Finnish state.

-the Finnish state has not proven to be the actual owner of the forests

that it is logging right now.

-the clear-cutting style of logging ancient forests in the extreme north

of Europe cannot be accepted from an ecological and micro-climatical


of view.

-the loggings destroy the very basis of the culturally important Saami

free grazing reindeer herding tradition

-the loggings waste the ancient forests and its wood and leave less

possibilities for future truly sustainable continuous cover forestry

without destructive clear cutting.

Among others Union of Ecoforestry urged Finnish

parliament to stop the logging immediately and distributed for

parliament groups the documentary movie Last yoik in Saami forests

( Until now there has not been any public


by the Finnish government. The silence in Finnish media also


The director of the movie, Hannu Hyvönen, expressed his feelings

about the

on-going loggings recently: "It is quite easy for us to update this sad

turn-up in the documentary movie, but we cannot update these forests


are now again cutted down."

The documentary movie can also be loaded here:

More info and links:

The short history of this conflict with video clips from the movie



1. Centre of Saamiland

In northern Lapland, over one thousand kilometres north of Finland’s

capital, Helsinki, lies the largest remaining wilderness in Western

Europe. These fells and forests are the homeland of Northern Europe’s


indigenous people, the Saami. The land rights issue in the Saami


is unsolved.

Look the introduction of the scenerys videoclip





The above clips are part of the documentary movie

Last yoik in Saami forests , 54 min

You can look the version updated April 2007 on the address:

The documentary movie is also available on DVD.

For commercial presentations, library use and for tv broadcastings,


contact the director Hannu Hyvönen directly at


tel +358 40 831 7733